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Sand winning business booming in keta

The state of poverty in the country and our attitudes have forced many to engage in all kinds of illegal activities. One such activity has to do with the illegal sand winning involving many residents along the coastal areas of our country. The act is gradually but steadily endangering the lives of the people residing along the coastline and even those residing many miles away. In the coastal areas of Accra, cape coast and Keta tonnes of sand are mined on a daily basis. This came to light during a visit to bortiano, Ada and Keta when a group…
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USAID sponsors 30-Member team to engage Fisher folks

Fishing is becoming unattractive this days not because fishermen are abandoning their canoes for classroom but nets cast return little or no fish. This was revealed during a three days visit to fishing communities by a group of journalist from selected media houses as part of a Capacity building program proudly sponsored by USAID and university of cape coast fisheries and coastal management capacity building support project. From western, central, Greater Accra and Volta region the stock of fish in the sea has steeply taken downward declined. Not even the anchovies ( keta school boys)  that were largely produced…
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