When I look at myself in the mirror…Nikki Samonas

Born Nikoletta Samonas, but known to all her fans as ‘Nikki’, she is becoming a fast rising actress. She had a stint with Ghana’s movie industry a few years ago after she was given a minor role by Abdul Salam in ‘Beyonce.’ By then she was at the University Of Science and Technology. Later, she played lead in AA production’s ‘Pretty Queen’.
From there Nikki has not stop to be great, she has always motivate herself and fans never to give pushing till they there.
Nikki wants to push a litter harder, well this post on her IG page shows:
” When I look at myself in the mirror, I say to the mirror, please mirror, Don’t ask me questions I can’t answer but encourage me to gather the courage to face my fears. Tell me I can make it. Tell me I am far better than I think I am. Tell me to keep hoping. Tell me It is well and happiness is but a choice. Michael

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