You can only get stupid people like you to insult and call me names: Angry Mzbel slams blogger

Someone has hit the bad side of Ghanaian born beautiful musician Mzbel. In a post on her Facebook page Mzbel post a screen shot of a story publish bay, which says “Mzbel believes Christianity is Idol Worshiping”.

And the I am sixteen years singer was not happy about the story, she replies the story with a post on her Facebook page.

Read the Post below:

“U can only get stupid people like u to insult and call me names with this headlines but u can’t end my career or my life cos only God decides! Over the years this is all u do… tarnish my image and reputation just to get traffic on your blogs, its rather unfortunate. Why not a headline like “Mzbel made a donation at an orphanage in Koforidua and she’s appealing to the general public for more support. What do u think about that’? U only wait until something good is happening and then u quickly do this to distract It, how sad! Why should religion be such a big deal if we all believe there is a G-d! Smh time will tell”.

Below is the Story published:

Although she believes in God, she is of the opinion, there is no need to pray to the creator through an intermediary.

“I believe in God but I don’t believe we have to pray through Jesus through God. I don’t believe that Jesus is God. But from Sunday school, people have been taught about Jesus so it is difficult to change their mind,” explains the ‘16 years‘ artiste to Zionfelix on ‘Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix.’

“Me, I think it is idol worshiping because I wonder why people will put an image of a white man in their chapel and worship it. Some even have to picture the image in their minds while praying.”

She added that she doesn’t “believe that God will have to commit murder to save sinners. If God will forgive your sins she will.”

She also about about her decision to date old men.

“I am an old man’s girlfriend. Everybody in Ghana knows that I don’t date young guys. If you are a young guy and I date you, I might break your heart. I like old men. They are very gentle,” said the ‘Saucy Gal’ act.

“They don’t also like sex. They can’t even have sex for long. You know, I don’t like sex like that. I like sex once in a while.”

Born Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, MzBel is often at the center of controversies for her choice of costume on stage, and also her opinions on religion.

By: Agyapong Michael

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