Lartey Gas Police Barrier In Koforidua, Police Force Drivers For Money.

Police at a police check point near Lartey gas off Koforidua – Suhum road in the Eastern region force commercial drivers to pay money before given way.

Akonoba and his investigation team hired a taxi from Koforidua township to “All nations University Collage” just as a plan to investigate the issue.
With all the four to and fro movement made,  the police officers at the post demanded ghc1.00, ghc2.00, ghc2.00, ghc1.00 respectively.

On the forth in and out, the taxi driver,  name withheld got irritated and decided not to go again so we should get different car instead.  We therefore paid all the money to him before he proceeded.

Moreover,  with some interrogation,  the taxi driver told us that,  they always force them for money and because of that it makes them (the taxi drivers)  very difficult to send passengers to the place.

“They always collect money,  at times ghc1.00, at times ghc2.00. If u have small problem then you will be in hot soup.  You will pay ghc20.00 to ghc50.00. We make sales and when u pay that money,  meaning u worked the whole day for them so for me I don’t normally come here”.  The driver alleged.

Moreover he said no receipts is being given to them whenever they pay those monies.

The investigation team checked the documents of the driver and everything was intact but yet still they forced him to pay ghc6.00 in all the four rounds.

Some residence in the area also confirmed that,  they find it very difficult to get car to the area especially from 3pm.

The commercial drivers explained that from 3pm the police come to their post and if they go there, their ‘sales’ will be taken from them.

They are therefore wailing to the government of Ghana to come to their aid.

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